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Exposing the Arsonists and Dousing their Fires!

Though while with the lay Review Board, appointed in Cleveland to drive out the foxes in the Henhouse, we may only be exchanging wolves for foxes, we have a host of other critters setting fire to the Farm.

FutureChurch has grown significantly in size and influence and has gone from tramping all over the Catholic faith and the wishes and directives of our Bishop to what amounts to torching the Church and its faith. "No longer Christian," is how Call to Action summarized the consensus at the FutureChurch meeting in Solon, Ohio in March. We have certainly reached a point where silence and inaction or willful ignorance on the part of the faithful to this unfolding catastrophe is complicity to the moral and theological anarchy enveloping our Diocese. The enemy among us, however, has never been silent or inactive.

  • FutureChurch, the local Call to Action arm, now boasts of 1,600 parish based members from this Diocese.
  • Many of these are nuns and religious including priests, who openly flaunt the position of the Church and our Bishop.
  • They now have official contact persons in 52 of our parishes who are funneling into their parishes information on FutureChurch and its agenda. This information is being posted on church bulletin boards and in Sunday bulletins.
  • FutureChurch with an income of over $200,000 last year has just been granted $10,000 by the Congregation of St. Joseph "to fund the implementation of its youth outreach initiatives by 'marketing' . . . resources to campus ministers and teachers at Catholic high schools and colleges."
  • FutureChurch supporters (under the name of Voice of the Faithful) are being appointed to the lay review board that will hold significant influence (via the media) over which priests are removed, or whose reputations are simply destroyed.

There needs now to be a groundswell among priests, religious and laity all across the Diocese that will effectively deal with FutureChurch and its blatantly Anti-Catholic agenda. Our Bishop's urgent and repeated calls for lay involvement should be enough for the faithful to act. We do not need to judge this call, we need to judge our lack of response to that call. Though the Bishop did not like our petition drive, in his letter of August 13, 2002 to Save Our Church he told us, "you are free to share your feelings."

We have picked up the fire hose and are ready to expose the arsonists for who they really are. Your part is to aim this hose in the right direction! The Truth, with Faith (in the purposes and help of Almighty God), Hope (certain confidence in winning) and LOVE (especially for the erring) is imposible to defeat.