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June 2003

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Dear SOC Supporters!

This Sunday will be a great day! St. Mary of Magdala and all of Heaven will be with us if we prepare our hearts for Heaven's intercession and God's grace! Pray earnestly with joy and real faith for this event. The forces of error are obviously on the offensive. We are just beginning to see an awakening to the truth among those who have been asleep and who with good wills and hearts have been deceived. Do not miss out on this event if you are being called to be with us!

We are faxing the attached News Release and the illustrated article St. Mary Magdalene... A Witch??!" to over twenty news outlets today. The artwork FutureChurch has used repeatedly to depict this devout Saint is clearly Wiccan and has been identified as such by those who belong to this pagan cult. But we should not be surprised since the long time artist for FutureChurch and Call to Action, Eileen Cantlin Verbus, is a self professed Wiccan and as a practitioner of Wicca is herself a Witch. In our FutureChuch / The Truth Behind the Mask, we have previously identified FutureChurch as Wiccan and called your attention to the bold self-admission of Call to Action that they and FutureChurch are "no longer Christian." I think it just might be Heavens desire, as it was in Elijah's day, for us to ask for fire from Heaven to manifest before so many of God's disobedient and mislead children the truth on this matter. We need to ask for the fire of Holy and Divine love that will illuminate and drive out all darkness and consume all within hearts that has led to this deception. Praise God!

St. Mary Magdalene Parish is at 460 East 321st Street, Willowick, Ohio. Phone:440-943-2133. The News Release is attached. (I did not have enough memory in my computer to attach the illustrated article on St Mary of Magdala, so I eliminated the illustrations. Our new computer should be operating by next week!) Don't forget to visit our website: www.saveourchurch.org

For Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother,Queen of Heaven and earth!

Dave Webster


SAVE OUR CHURCH - News Release - July 16, 2003

For immediate release

David J. Webster
Save Our Church


Medina, July 16, 2003 - A protest / prayer vigil will be staged outside St. Mary of Magdalene in Willowick Sunday, July 20 at from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. The protest is over the alleged anti-Catholic agenda being promoted by an organization called Future Church and particularly over their use of Diocesan property for this meeting.

The protest was called by a new organization made up of Catholics from this area which say they are "fed up" with the abandonment of Catholic faith and morals by priests and religious which not only created the present moral scandal in the Church but now continues to be promoted by radical organizations like Future Church and its parent organization, Call to Action. "There has been a call from our Bishop for lay involvement in respect to the mess made in the Church soon after liberals boasted they had taken over most of our Catholic Seminaries in the 60's. We at SOC are simply responding to that call," says Dave Webster founder and spokesman for SOC.

Save Our Church claims these organizations' agenda would lead to the destruction of the Catholic Church in America. It also claims their agenda is being promoted by a "scandalous distortion of facts, deceptions and outright falsehoods." "We are calling on all those who love the Catholic faith to join us on Sunday. This will be our seventh prayerful confrontation with this group in the Cleveland Diocese. Our last Protest brought 63 out to pray for the conversion of those in this group. This is just the beginning," says Mr. Webster.

Webster is a recent convert to the Catholic faith having served 8 years as a Baptist Minister. He says he is utterly appalled at what renegade Catholics are doing to the Catholic Church and its faith. "These people have a right to believe what they want but they have no right to claim to be Catholic anymore than you can claim to be an American and denounce the Bill of Rights in our constitution." "The Catholic view of faith (including the male priesthood) and morals cannot be changed. These things were determined by Jesus Christ Himself," claims Mr. Webster.

Those interested in the new organization may write to S.O.C., PO Box 1404, Medina OH 44258 or visit their web site at www.saveourchurch.org


P.O. Box 1404
Medina, OH 44258

I wish to thank each of you for your participation in our effort at the FutureChurch meeting at St. Marks. We had the largest number yet at this Prayer/Protest, a total of 63. We have usually had around 30, though once we had only 15. God Bless you all, especially the youth and the children who attended. Our youth give us hope and encouragement and our children put joy and love in our hearts. These times together should be joyful times because if we come with light and love we bring blessing to all. Hopefully those for whom we are praying will know and feel it.

Thank you all who have remembered to pray for us and our efforts. Continue to ask for God's grace, mercy and wisdom. We have seen God's hand move in hearts and we are beginning to hear rumblings from different quarters in this Diocese. The rebellious are also becoming more blatant. Satan knows he has only a short time and his anger and panic will become more and more obvious. This will be difficult to bear but it will ultimately open the eyes of many now deceived and blind. Many will come back to the faith with great fervor after being delivered from so much deception. Praise God!

Your presence is again needed as a witness against yet another illegal FutureChurch meeting at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Willowick, Sunday, July 20, 2003, at 2:00-4:30PM. Our Prayer/Protest will be from 1:30 to 2:30PM. Dr. Phyllis Zagano who teaches at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York will be speaking at this Sixth Annual "Celebration" of St. Mary of Magdala. You will be certain the outraged spirit of this Saint will be present among us at this occasion. Let us be in prayer that those who are using her deep devotion to our Lord and His Church for their own ends will also be shown how this Saint really feels about all this, either by the cancellation of this meeting or a manifestation to those attending during the meeting! We also need several to attend this meeting and document all heretical teachings! Let me know if you are willing to do this. This is vital to this ongoing battle!

The next big FutureChurch meeting will be their 14th Annual Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, October 2, from 6:00-9:30 PM. The location has not been determined. The radical Sr. Joan Chittister will be speaking. This should be very interesting!

Some of you might also considering attending the National Call to Action Meeting in Milwaukee November 7-9 to document the proceedings. Rosemary Ruether (their honored speaker), will be speaking along with Dr. Donald Cozzens from Cleveland. Call to Action is the parent organization to FutureChurch. (Call them for details: 773-404-0004 or www.cta-usa.org)

Just for the record, about FutureChurch's Focus notice "FutureChurch Targeted" and the report that "8 to 15 people carried signs calling us 'fornicators,' 'liars and deceivers' and 'morally perverse'" and "untruths, distortions and slanders about FutureChurch being publicized by an ad hoc Cleveland group committed to our destruction," from a hand out called "FutureChurch - Separating Fact from Fiction:"

FC is absolutely correct on the following point:
We have indeed called those who have formulated FutureChurch materials and their positions liars and decievers. Everything else FC has said about us, however, being false, only adds substantiates that charge.

We have never called anyone or accused anyone in FutureChurch or anyone associated with it "morally perverse," or a fornicator or of committing fornication. Further, our protests have all numbered near thirty except for the one we had 15. In regard to the charge of "untruths, distortions and slanders" we have sent all our materials exposing FC to leaders in the group and our main document to Sr. Christine Schenk, personally, with a request and promise to correct anything we might have gotten wrong. This was over two months ago and we still have not gotten any response. The offer is still open, but the charges we have made are all well documented.

Please do not react to this but simply offer more prayers that these people will realize their cause is offering then a false hope that will bring them bitter disappointment and that in coming back to the faith, when they are granted the grace to see the light, they will be received with nothing but the greatest joy.

God Bless you all! All for Jesus and His Mother!
Dave Webster

PS. Some of you who have promised me listings of solid priests for a mailing have not sent me your info. Please send me this information as we want to get this project going! PLEASE CHEK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE: www.saveourchurch.org