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Cleveland Diocese Again Funds Pro-Abortion Group:
Campaign for Human Development at It Again

November 15, 2004

Posted on 11/15/2004 6:54:45 PM PST by Diago

Three years after it was first revealed by Life Site and WorldNetDaily that the Diocese of Cleveland donated $30,000 to an Ohio community organization affiliated with the National Abortion Rights Action League, new information reveals that the Cleveland diocese is again funding a least one organization affiliated with a pro-abortion umbrella group, Community Shares - an organization that includes as its members Planned Parenthood, the Ohio ACLU and the Cleveland abortion clinic PreTerm .

In a press release early this year, the Campaign for Human Development announced a $30,000 grant to the East Side Organizing Project in Cleveland:


January 1, 2004

Catholic Campaign for Human Development fund organizations combating poverty The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, established in 1970 by U.S. Catholic Bishops to address poverty in the United States, awarded several grants for anti-poverty projects in Ohio. The local chapter of the campaign, run through the Social Action Office of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, funds projects throughout the state. Revenues for the campaign are generated directly through parish contributions. Several Ohio agencies received support in 2003 for community-based projects promoting self-sufficiency and providing services to disadvantaged populations. Grants given in Ohio include: Cleveland area:

A $30,000 grant to the East Side Organizing Project (ESOP)/Predatory Lender Action Committee to educate the community about predatory lending practices and forcing changes in lending practices through increasing state and federal regulation of lenders, and creating alternative loan programs with area banks.

A visit to the East Side Organizing Project website greets one with the fact that "ESOP is proud to be a member of Community Shares." Elsewhere on the ESOP website, the following promotion of Community Shares can be found:


ESOP is a member of Community Shares, an organization committed to raising money for its social justice oriented member organizations. Go to for more information. Does your place of employment include Community Shares as an option for employees during the workplace giving campaign that is conducted? If not, do you know someone who could make sure that Community Shares is included in the next campaign?

Do you know someone at a corporation or foundation that should learn about ESOPís work? Can you help with an introduction? Tell us! Click here to learn more about Community Shares.

Along with the East Side Organizing Project, the Cleveland abortion clinic Preterm is also a member of Community Shares. On its website, Preterm list its memberships as follows:

Member ofÖ

National Abortion Federation

National Coalition of Abortion Providers

National Network of Abortion Funds

Ohio Abortion Providers

Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Greater Cleveland Community Shares

Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition

And so, in the Diocese of Cleveland, several more Catholic schools shut down this year due to a lack of funds, while a group affiliated with Planned Parenthood, Preterm and the Ohio ACLU gets a $30,000 grant.

Before we close, does the East Side Organizing Project ring a bell?

What exactly has it been up to for the past year?

According the Washington Post, Inez Killingsworth and East Side Organizing Project stormed the home of presidential advisor Karl Rove earlier this year:

Several hundred people stormed the small yard of President Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove, yesterday afternoon, pounding on his windows, shoving signs at others and challenging Rove to talk to them...

Oh well, it appears that rather than educating children, the Diocese of Cleveland prefers to pay pro-abortion sympathizers to pound on the windows of Karl Rove's home with Mr. Rove's 10 and 14 year old children inside.

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