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David Webster, Executive Director

Warmest Greetings! Thanks for stopping in to visit our site. Permit me to introduce myself. I'm David Webster, 59, husband to Cindy and father to two beautiful daughters. How I ended up doing what I am now doing - defending the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church - is quite ironical. After seven years of training for the Baptist ministry and spending eight years pastoring a fundamentalist Baptist church in Wisconsin, who would have thought I would now be a Catholic, let alone leading a crusade defending the Catholic faith from those within the Church who are seeking to destroy it. I myself was an outspoken anti-Catholic. I can hardly imagine any other reason I have ended up in this position other than because I have so much to undo - or maybe this is my penance! One thing I have come to see is that God never gives up on any one of us!

Having become disillusioned with my strong fundamentalist Baptist ministry in Wisconsin, my wife, my one daughter, and I, moved to Ohio looking for a more moderate form of evangelical Protestantism. I searched every possible alternative in Protestantism, including every liberal theory of Christianity, but never found the answers to the problems that were plaguing me. Looking at the Catholic faith was the last and most inconceivable alternative.

It was through the light that came from some caring and persistent Catholics here in Ohio, who bore a sustained witness to me, and the undeniable testimony of Fatima and Medjugorje, that set me on the course of the inconceivable - a thorough examination of the Catholic faith. With the Catechism, the illumination of Scott Hahn, another convert, and accounts of numerous Saints and Catholic visionaries, I began my journey into a most surprising and joyfully liberating understanding of the Catholic faith. While this study convinced me that the Catholic faith was indeed the faith of the Apostles and the early Church, preserved complete without alteration, I had so many suspicions about the hierarchy of the Church and its authority structure that I was terrified at the thought of actually joining the Church. That was until a dear Lutheran friend of ours, knowing my struggle, handed me The Poem of the Man-God. Nothing I had ever read was so convincingly straight from Heaven and authentic. It completely laid to rest every fear I had in joining the Catholic Church. After reading The Poem, I was compelled to join the Church. Having been convinced of the utter uniqueness of this work, and the part this work will obviously play in the restoration and renewal of the Church, I entered upon an extensive study of it and the incredible criticisms leveled against the work. Absolutely nothing has so convinced me of the power of Satan and his subtle ways within the Church itself, as the reaction some, even in the hierarchy, have had to this work and its saintly "author." As a serious attempt was made by certain elements within the Vatican to destroy Padre Pio (who was also an avid supporter of The Poem and Maria Valtorta), so there has been a serious attempt to destroy this work.

Most of the passion I have for the Catholic Church has come from The Poem of the Man-God, because that work completely delivered me from the very same anti-Catholic notions and sentiments which are now such a serious threat to the Church. Indeed, The Poem was given to the Church during 1943-1945 specifically to help the Church deal with the liberalism that Our Lady (through Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam) in 1945 had warned would soon emerge within the Church. The Poem was Heaven's answer to that very threat and warning. However, because The Poem, after Pope Pius XII ordered its publication, was suppressed in those very years until Vatican II, we now are all suffering the incredible post-Vatican II disaster. To put it plainly, we got communism, its terrible persecution of Christianity, and WWII by the hierarchy ignoring Fatima, and now we are about to get the Anti-Christ and perhaps WWIII for ignoring Amsterdam and Maria Valtorta. And we should not be at all surprised that there will be many Apostles today abandoning the Lord and even betraying and denying Him as He has come to us in these His chosen servants. Certainly no true Catholic should be swayed or taken in by such cowardice and denial even on the part of His Apostles. The restoration of the Tradition of Faith in the Church will depend on nothing less than the faithful remnant itself recognizing and utilizing the help Heaven has already given us. The conclusion to my five years of research in which I identify the Church hierarchy's greatest failure, which brought upon itself the anathema pronounced at Vatican I in 1869, will be found in my work: Voiding the Voices of Heaven.

I joined the Church four years ago, on June 7, 1999. Cindy and our two daughters happily joined in November of the same year. Thank you all for your prayers and support of Save Our Church. We must all walk humbly and in love in these days. We must pray earnestly and sincerely for those who oppose themselves by apposing the Catholic faith. These are souls Satan is trying to steal from God only because he knows how much that will hurt Him. We must always remember that, when we are opposed by others. We really have no enemy but Satan, but even he is God's problem, not ours.

Since I have served this cause often at my own expense, our only source of personal income is from my wife Cindy's employment and my own small book and Bible repair business called Custom Book and Bible Repair. I've been restoring, repairing and rebinding Bibles, Missals, Prayer Books, Cookbooks and other old precious heirlooms for over 20 years. If you have a book or Bible you wish restored, please give me a call or send me an E-mail (440-355-5849 / dwebster@saveourchurch.org). Thank You and God be with you!