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Errors & Heresies promulgated by:
FutureChurch/Call to Action,
repudiating The Catholic Church and Our Catholic Faith

Here are the errors and heresies promulgated by FutureChurch/Call to Action, repudiating The Catholic Church,
Our Catholic Faith, which we have documented in our publication, "Future Church, the Truth Behind the Mask

1. The Church has been wrong for centuries on a whole host of doctrinal and moral teachings. Christ has not protected the Church from any error or given Peter the Keys to the Kingdom as the Church has clearly taught from the beginning.

2. The Holy Scriptures are full of serious moral and theological distortions and errors.

3. The human conscience is a higher authority than the official position of the Church on doctrine and moral teaching. Each person should decide for himself what is morally right or wrong. Moral issues enumerated are birth control, abortion and homosexual or lesbian life styles.

4. There is no miraculous transubstantiation at the consecration of the host thus one does not need Holy Orders to consecrate the bread and wine. "Real Presence" is only in a spiritual sense as protestants hold.

5. For this reason women, and indeed any baptized member of the Church, should be able to preside over the Mass. Holy Orders would be maintained for purposes of show.

6. Those who speak for FutureChurch/ Call to Action make up the authentic Magisterium of the Church.

7. The Church should allow priests to marry and abandon celibate life even though Jesus made it clear to His Apostles that celibacy for them and those they ordained as priests was His will just as He as High Priest, their model and example remained celibate. This was true even for the Apostles who were married.

8. Church approval and blessing of homosexual or lesbian couples

9. The Church hierarchy established by Christ and given His authority ("the Gift," I Timothy 4:14 ) and passed down by "the laying on of hands" (Ordination) is wrong and must be eliminated. The Keys of the Kingdom were not given to Peter and his successors as the Holy Scripture says but to all the people.

10. The crucifix and the male image of Jesus as Messiah/Redeemer represents a perversion of the truth.

11. There is no Holy Trinity, no triune God. Instead we have the goddess Sophia to worship which the Judeo-Christian religious traditions have suppressed.

12. There is no clear distinction between God, nature and humanity. Worship of self is thus the final object of this "New Age" religion now filtering into our parishes.