"More Crimes in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese?

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Supports FutureChurch!

Website of the Diaconate Office of the Cleveland Diocese has links to Pagan, Wicca, and Witchcraft sites

Dissident Fr. Charles Curran’s FutureChurch Fundraiser Presentation

Cleveland Defends "Nude" Statue of the Virgin Mary
and Meditations with Potential Occult Links!

Cleveland Diocese Supports
Pro-Abortion Organization!

Brazen Attack on the Eucharist at FutureChurch Meeting

Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Justifies Fr. Smiga’s Future-Church Sponsored Presentation

"Cathedral Promotes Call to Action Speaker"

"Diocese Attacks Passion but
Celebrates Gay Pride!"

Attack on Christain Marriage & The Magisterium by the Cleveland Diocese

Being Politically Correct on the Passion--My Reaction

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Urgent Call for Action! The leadership in the Cleveland Diocese has proven time and time again to be totally incapable of spiritual leadership by its years of scandalous mismanagement, abuse of sex abuse victims and the Faithful in general and its increasing resistance to correction. Indeed that leadership is increasingly participating in the destruction of our Church and its faith by not only encouraging the enemies of the Church and their agenda in this diocese but by actively obstructing and persecuting those who have attempted to maintain the Catholic faith and obedience to the Holy Father and the Magisterium in this Diocese. This persecution has included priests themselves who have been effectively silenced by this abuse. In wake of this most tragic state of affairs we are calling upon all the Faithful to join in three spiritual offences against the looming Forces of Darkness enveloping this Diocese.

1. EARNEST AND SUSTAINED PRAYER AND FASTING for the removal of this obstruction to holiness and truth in our Diocese and for the reclamation of the many souls of those who have been spiritually destroyed by the evil that our Bishop has allowed and encouraged in this Diocese-including the reclaimation of his own soul.

2. ACTION IN THE PERSISTENT AND UNRELENTING PHONE CALLS OF PROTEST to every appropriate Diocesan agency and office at every offence and abuse we report on this site. Those in these offices and agencies share in the guilt for the rebellion and moral scandals racking this Diocese by their failure to confront their Bishop about his abuse of office and his failure to honor his oath of office and uphold the Church and its faith in this Diocese. Remind these servants of the Church their duty is to correct an erring brother if they wish not to have his blood on their own hands.

3. ACTION IN JOINING US IN PRAYERFUL / PROTEST at the selected sites where these offences occur. Your reports of such abuses are very important need to be documented. If an abuse is merely witnessed it must be signed by the witness with address, phone number and date. .

Main Cathedral Square Personnel Phone and extensions to 216-696-6525

Office of the Bishop:
The Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla ext. 2030
Fax (216) 696-6547 * bishop@dioceseofcleveland.org

Rev. Ed Estok, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop ext. 2000
Fax (216) 696-6547

Eileen Von Alt ext. 2030

Secretary for Parish Life:
Sr. Rita Mary Harwood ext. 2200

Liturgy Office:
Rev. J-Glenn Murray ext. 4120 Interfaith Commission: Rev. Joseph Hilinske ext. 5110 Chancery Office: Rev. Ralph Wiatrowski ext. 2080 / Night: (216) 521-8379
Fax (216) 621-7332

Vice Chancellor: Rev. David J. Walkowiak ex 2120 Clergy Personnel Rev. Larry Jurcak ext. 2440 ljurcak@dioceseofclevelandorg

Auxiliary Bishops:
Most Rev. A. James Quinn (440) 244-2120 / (216) 579-0326 / Fax (440) 899-1122
Most Rev. Roger W. Gries (216) 361-0873 / Fax (216) 361-0877
Most Rev. Martin J. Amos (330) 762-9651 / Toll Free 1-877-406-1049 / Fax (330) 762-9655


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