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Save Our Church - Mission Statement

Save Our Church is an organization of Catholic men and women who love and revere the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and who acknowledge these teachings as absolutely certain because of the divinely bestowed and binding authority of the Magisterium, Christ's gift to the Church in union with His Vicar (Matthew 16:18,19; 28:20; John 14:26).

We believe as the Church as always believed, that the faith full and complete and unchangeable was divinely revealed "once for all" to the Church (Jude 3) and that it has been and will forever be preserved whole and complete (Matthew 16:18,19; 28:20; John 14:26; Isaiah 9:7). That faith is faithfully expressed in the Catechism, "a sure and authentic reference text for teaching catholic doctrine." And "a sure norm for teaching the faith and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion." -- Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum on the Publication of the Catechism.

Save Our Church is the response of the faithful to the wide spread departure from Catholic doctrine and moral teachings among many in influential teaching positions in this Diocese. Save Our Church is our response to the right and duty of the laity as expressed in the Catechism "to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and . . . to make their opinions known to other Christian faithful, with regard to the integrity of faith and morals . . . (par. 907)." Specifically, Save Our Church is a response to our Bishop Anthony Pilla's urgent call for lay involvement in this present crisis of faith and morals in the Church. We intend therefore to expose those groups like FutureChurch and Call to Action whose goal is by deceit and deception to deconstruct the Roman Catholic Church by undermining it ecclesiastical structure and discrediting its Holy faith and its moral teachings. We intend to inform both the laity and the priesthood of the threat of this movement and its agenda and to confront clear departures from the faith among our religious and our priests.

We believe unequivocally that FutureChurch and Call to Action, its parent organization, are an integral part of the movement warned about by the prophet Daniel and confirmed by Jesus as the "Abomination of Desolation" that will set itself up in the Holy Temple (The Church) in the last days. It's aim is to replace the center of worship in the Church, the Real Presence of the Sacrificed Christ in the Host, with the worship of man, the religion of Antichrist. (See Matthew 24:15 and Daniel 12:11; 9:27)

Save Our Church in addressing this threat, finds that it must also honestly deal with the serious errors of those on the right in the Church whose misinterpretations of Catholic faith are fueling this liberal reaction to the faith, and to false charges against our Holy Father for his ecumenical overtures and clarifications of Catholic doctrine in regard to Judiasm and even the Moslem religion. We will try to address some of these matters under "Fireproofing Your Faith." Errors on either the right or the left are equally dangerous, and will leave one vulnerable to the fiery conflagration already descending upon us to prove us and to purify us. "Every mountain shall be leveled and every valley raised!"

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"Ecumenical not heretical!"