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July 2003

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June 2003

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Dear SOC Supporters,

How wonderful to have been amongst so many Sunday afternoon who were willing to give witness by their presence and prayers to their love for the Church, as it is being betrayed from within and abandoned by many of its own leaders. Do not think for a moment that the grieving heart of our Lord and His sorrowful Mother was not comforted to see the effort each of you made to be a prayerful witness. Thought it will be increasingly hard to continue to be such a witness, the harder it becomes the more important that witness will be. But do I ever have some powerful news to share with all of you who have been so faithful with your support, prayers, and presence at our meets! But first things first!

We had 47 in prayerful protest of the illicit use of Diocesan property by FutureChurch in its spread of heresy and rebellion against the Church. While many of our regulars were in Steubenville for the Defending the Faith conference (and no doubt praying for us) we had many newcomers to fill in the ranks! We extend a thank you to each of you! Cliff Anthony from the News Herald and a photographer covered the event. The story received front page coverage in Lake and Geauga County. Anthony was moved to cover our story after seeing our flyer on FutureChurch's Wiccan Witch model of the beloved St. Mary Magdalene.

Needed Reflections
These events are also occasions for all of us to learn and grow in wisdom in dealing with the misled and those who mislead. Let me cover some important matters.

While representing SOC we must never initiate conversation with anyone coming to these meetings. This is extremely important.

First, we must remember that it is not wise to reason with those who are unreasonable and do not want to hear the truth. These people do need to be confronted with their errors. To not do so would be lack of charity, and our signs are designed to do precisely this in as strong a way as possible without personal conversation with this group. Reasoning or debating with these would not only be useless but harmful. Reasoning must be done only with those whose hearts God has opened. Our part in opening closed hearts is in quietness and secret hidden love for them. "Dialogue" on the part of the rebellious is a part of the "sweet talk" strategy to deceive the opposition into thinking they are open minded while we are "unreasonable." To fall for this strengthens the deceiver and makes their conversion more difficult. Love and humility discerns the closed hearted from the open hearted.

Second, the questions of those who approach us, who we feel are seeking the truth, should be answered respectfully but briefly and then referred to me if they still have questions. None of us, including myself, are at these prayer protests to get into long conversations with anyone. Our literature is sufficient to accomplish what is needed at these protests for those seeking the truth.

While representing SOC we must always be courteous and go out of our way to accommodate the requests of those we are protesting. We are not here to defend our egoes! If they claim we are obstructing some entrance go out of your way to concede, if it can be done, even if it seems unreasonable! Please read our Code of Respect on our website. (www.saveourchurch.org ) That is a required standard for all who wish to represent SOC. Starting now we are inviting all of you to consider either becoming an official Member of SOC or and official Supporter of SOC. Simply print out the Membership Certificate at our website and fill it out and send it to us and we will return an authorized copy back to you.

Personal signs, banners, pictures and flags.
Some of you in the past have bought your own signs with messages that were very good and appropriate for our Prayer/Protest but from now on if you have a sign idea that you would like to carry let me know what it is and if it is appropriate or helpful to our objective we will make the sign up for you. The reason for this is that we were led to present SOC as a unified voice against the apostasy in this Diocese. We were to clearly avoid the spontaneous individualistic mob mentality common in so many "protests." Our clear crisp uniform signs corresponded to this objective and also the sash banners. We must work as one cohesive orderly group proving the Holy Spirit is the creator of harmony and unity. (Yes, that is a little tougher to do!) A couple of pictures (of Our Lady and the Lord) have already been approved for our meets. Please do not bring anything that has not been approved! God will bless you for your understanding!

Now, the powerful news!
As you know I was moved to urge special prayer for this last Prayer/Protest at St. Mary Magdalene that God would grant us the grace of allowing this beloved Saint to manifest her outrage over the way she is being used to destroy the Church she loves. My prayers were for the benefit of those in this FutureChurch meeting. I do not know what happened there but certainly God did not ignore those being misled. However, Heaven did manifest its views and feelings rather powerfully in a message given to a visionary named Maureen Kyle out of a ministry called Holy Love in North Eaton Township last Saturday, the day just before our meet. The connection to our ministry was obvious. I knew nothing, however, of this message until Monday night, the day after the meet. The amazing thing is that this message was received by Maureen Kyle just after I had completed a picture documentary on the idolatry, and raw FutureChurch paganism that fills the Ursuline Sophia Center here in Cleveland and showed it to my friends. The "Catholic" center is literally filled with this blasphemy. This includes the new Wiccan presentation of the crucified Christ whose power comes not from God above but from the energy of the stones beneath him. It includes the new Holy Water Font that again is blessed not by a priest with holy orders but with the stone gods found in the bottom of the font! One of the Nuns at the center came out and threatened our photographer saying, "We have a right to be here and we have lawyers. We had better not see any of those pictures!" The message someone shared with us on Monday night hit me and all those who heard it like a ton of bricks. Pray for mercy and deliverance for those who need it.
__________________________________________________________________________________________ Missionary Servants of Holy Love
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July 19, 2003

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today I have come to you Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to defend the truth. My defense would not be necessary if the truth were upheld in hearts and within the Church and in this Diocese."

"The truth is-the kingship belongs to Me. I am the Redeemer and King of all nations and of every heart. Where is it written in Church doctrine or dogma that I share or relinquish this right to the Goddess Sophia or to a rock or to a crystal? When you lend credence to such practices you are not Catholics, but apostates."

"I did not shed My Blood for each and every one of you so that you should worship an inanimate object. Nor did I die for you so that you could create controversy over the gender of My Father. You try My patience and test My mercy. You claim rights that are not yours to claim, and practice arrogance over faith, hope and love."

"How long will you twist the truth? Continue-and it is a forbidden path you choose to follow. I do not debate the truth with you, for you do not recognize the truth. You call yourselves faithful dissenters. In truth you are the heretics of these latter days."
Missionary Servants of Holy Love is an ecumenical lay apostolate committed to living and propagating the Holy Love message. These messages, which support the two great commandments-love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself-are given by means of private revelation to Our Lady's messenger. Missionary Servants of Holy Love gather to pray the rosary for world peace, for an end to abortion and that hearts open to Blessed Mother's message of Holy Love.
Missionary Servants of Holy Love, 37137 Butternut Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH 44035; (http://www.holylove.org) http://www.holylove.org

If any of you have heard about any FutureChurch or VOTF meetings let me know where they will be held. The next meeting I know of is on Oct 2, the Fundraiser with the radical Joan Chittister.