FutureChurch Publicly Declares War on the Catholic Faith! 

Brazen Attack on the Eucharist at FutureChurch Meeting
by St. Mary's Seminary Professor, Fr. George Smiga


FutureChurch's Third Annual Celebration of Corpus Christi, held at John Carroll University, June 8, 2004, featured Fr. George Smiga who was advertised to speak on the "Biblical Roots of Eucharist."  What was delivered, however, was an all-out-attack on the Biblical/Catholic roots of the Eucharist--the literal Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  What should now become undeniable even to the most skeptical is how fraudulent FutureChurch's loud claim of concern for the availability of the Eucharist and the shortage of priests has been.  While the Biblical roots of the Eucharist affirming the miracle of transubstantiation was flatly denied and identified as a later addition to Church doctrine, Smiga traced what he claims to be the real meaning of the first Eucharist to the Greco-Roman feasts of the day and as merely a meal of solidarity--a meal that was given a new meaning by Christians but not a new substance.  By this attack on the Faith, Fr. Smiga, pastor of St. Noel and professor at Mary's has excommunicated himself* from the Church.  For our Bishop to allow Fr. Smiga's to continue as priest or as professor without a public retraction of this denial of Catholic faith means he becomes complicit in this heresy and blasphemy.   

The Lord's Supper, according to Smiga, has nothing to do with Our Lord's giving His own Body and Blood in Sacrifice for us because Smiga claims that the Church would have had the Eucharist without His Crucifixion.  For this reason Smiga re-identifies "Body of Christ" in the Eucharist as not referring to Christ at all but only to the people of God.  That clearly explains his opening statements that the Body of Christ in the Eucharist is not for adoration.  Following this logic came another blasphemy: "I myself am the bread of life.  You and I are the bread of life," which was also repeated in the opening song.  He of course flatly denies Paul's claim of receiving an accurate account of the Last Supper, claiming Paul's version was only "a tradition."  Yet he turns around and tries to tell his audience that Paul's use of the word "Body" in reference to the Eucharist in I Corinthians was used to present an "image of unity" rather than being a reference to Our Lord's own body!  Since Smiga and FutureChurch deny there is any sacrifice in the Eucharist one can understand why he says there was no altar, no priests and no Mass in the first Church!  "Father" Smiga is blatant in is unbelief which is not only anti-Catholic heresy but utter blasphemy. 

In the question and answer session we find Smiga does not believe discussing qualifications for participating in the Eucharist is relevant to his expertise as a "Scripture scholar!"  And pressed even further on this point and in connection to "Jesus eating with sinners," he not only calls this Eucharist but seems to indicate this proves there are no qualifications necessary for receiving Eucharist.  Apparently Smiga cannot even see the difference between repentant sinners and unrepentant ones!  

* "Canon 1364.1: With due regard for Canon 194.1, n. 2, an apostate from the faith, a heretic or a schismatic incurs automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication."  P. 493 - Code of Canon Law, (1983), Canon Law Society of America, Washington, D.C.

We are asking our Bishop to require an immediate public retraction by Fr. Smiga or face formal pronouncement of excommunication and removal from St. Mary's Seminary and St Noel.  We sent this information sheet and a CD of the Smiga presentation, requesting a response, to our Bishop which was received on June 24.  We will post his response on our website on July 10.  PLEASE CALL AND URGE IMMEDIATE ACTION ON THIS AUTROCITY.  LET OUR BISHOP KNOW THAT SPECIAL PRAYERS FOR GOD'S BLESSING ON HIM WILL BE OFFERED SHOULD HE ACT EXPEDITIOUSLY ON THIS MATTER.  CD for computer or tape cassette available for a donation of $5.  Thank you for your support!    www.saveourchurch.org

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