S a v e   O u r   C h u r c h

“Ecumenical not Heretical!”

P.O. Box 1404

Medina, OH  44258

June 23, 2004


The Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla,

Bishop of Cleveland

1027 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, OH   44114


The Most Reverend Bishop Pilla,


I wish first to express on behalf of many of your flock our gratitude for your reissuing the disclaimer in regard to FutureChurch and the inappropriateness of allowing its use of Diocesan property.  Unfortunately those of us who are best at pointing out what is wrong are not usually the best in affirming when something is done right.  I do not want to fail here.  Words and a clear position are at least a start of what now must be a respect for those words by those who, despite their sweet patronizing ways of the past,  clearly despise not only you as their Bishop but the Church, its faith and Christ Himself.  Arrogance and pride has replaced all of this in their hearts and now increasingly on their own tongues.  Kindness and tolerance certainly has a place in dealing with the erring, and you have certainly not failed in showing this, but I believe that time is now clearly over.  You have tried to avoid a split in the Church, God knows your motives, but it has not worked.


I am enclosing a summary of what has been to me the most brazen public assault I’ve ever heard on the Catholic faith and Church in this Diocese.  This assault took place at a publicly announced FutureChurch meeting at John Carroll University, June 8, of this year.  Fr. George Smiga of your own St. Mary’s Seminary spent one hour in an all-out no-holds-barred attack on the Biblical/Catholic view of the Holy Eucharist. 


This heresy and blasphemy that has been multiplying itself in silence in this Diocese for years has now finally burst forth into public light.  The first shot has been fired in this final betrayal of the Church, the Holy Father and Jesus Christ Himself.   We are asking you, our Bishop to require an immediate public retraction of this blasphemy by Fr. Smiga or face formal pronouncement of excommunication and removal from St. Mary’s Seminary.


Your courageous action in respect to the latest manifestation of open rebellion by FutureChurch and one of its adherence, Fr. Smiga, could begin a real change in this Diocese that God has put into your hands and a change in the hearts of all of us about you our Bishop.  Our Prayers are for you and His Church in this dark hour.  Please let us know your course of action and how we might help in this matter.  


Sincerely, for God and the Church



David J. Webster

Enclosures:  Summary of the FutureChurch meeting with Fr. Smiga at John Carroll University, June 8, 2004 and the complete session on CD.  Promotional flyer for the meeting, and the opening prayer, and song sheet.